venerdì 7 ottobre 2011

The breath of our earth

I came back from Iceland a couple of weeks ago...
Somehow, I still feel confused and lost. There are places that leave their mark in your soul, just the way they are. And you carry memory of that experience with you forever.
I saw things I won´t probably see again and I experienced unique sensations during the two weeks I spent in the land of ice. I traveled on the road with my friend Stefano Cuccolini, who shares my same passions, interests and the desire to go on toward lands you probably only saw once in a map but you´ve never been interested in, even though they can actually offer strong emotions.
There would already be a lot of things to say but I haven´t gathered my thoughts yet. I prefer to stay in this sweet confused state of mind for a while, staring at the sky at night, looking for the delicate fleece that left me speechless every day in Iceland. This is a hard land, a raw but genuine land you need to embrace and welcome to both your mind and heart just the way it is, with no expectations.
It´s hard to write down these few lines because the memory is still alive and it´s not easy to describe it with words. These emotions and feelings should be lived in person. No picture or film will ever be able to convey that magnificence.
I´m still thinking about the endless roads in the middle of nothing and the essence of this land, about the great waterfalls and the feeling of being overwhelmed by the power of nature. And the warm and steaming ground that was sending out energy, the roaring waves smashing against the rocks, the thousand-year silence of the glaciers and the breathe of the Earth lighting up the sky with the most spectacular show the night will ever remember.

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  1. what a wonderful photoreport !

  2. Thanks!!!But this is a little piece of the diary that i will write...